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Transylvania Park


The largest Medieval holiday village in Eastern Europe, “Transylvania Park – Medieval experience” will transport its visitors hundreds of years in the past and make them feel like they are part of an era long gone. And where to build our first “Transylvania Park” if not in Transylvania!

Lastly, we couldn’t forget about Romania’s most known and beloved villain, Dracula. Therefore, we’ll try to fit werewolves, vampires (originally called “moroi”), and witches (originally called “strigoi”) to go along with the theme of the occult.

Enjoy a relaxing day in our medieval-themed park, with attraction for all ages. Please read more in our Whitepaper!

Vampirology Institute


Inside the Kronia Estate from Transylvania, we are hosting the most important Vampirology Institute in the World. An institute that will enlighten about vampires, from myth to reality, understand their history and hear their origin story, feel their struggle and insatiable thirst.

Become an expert in Vampirology – it will help you survive in the Kronia Metaverse and might be useful even in the real world. Inside the institute we will educate people by offering them a large selection of themed books as well as displaying several vampire related exhibitions

We can really say that Kronia DAO is bringing Count Dracula to the Metaverse


Kronia Metaverse


We notice the futuristic trend in the industry but we genuinely believe that Medieval is the way to go. We like raw steel, not the “pew-pew” sound of imagined guns. So, let’s make the best Medieval world together!

We are building our Metaverse around the real-world estate. The open world is a hyper-realistic replica of our real life Kronia Estate. As a result, you can explore everything we have to offer in both the real world and the virtual world.

Kronia Metaverse aims to entertain and reward its players in a very generous play to earn system. Therefore, monthly events with unique legendary equipment drops and other perks will be held in-game.

Kronia Bloodlines


“Kronia Bloodlines – Pure Blood” is a MMORPG game, the first game that Kronia Studios will develop in-house. Set in a medieval world,
with classes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, gnomes, half-dead, the risen ones, the unmovable, and many more.

The primary focus that we will put in our triple-A game will go towards the world. We want to build an immersive and complex world
where our users can feel like they belong. A world you want to live in and interact with. However, we will also focus on the player’s expectations.
We want our players to be creative and enjoy complex quests and instances.


We are creating the “Kronia World”, with everything our community could wish for – a unique mix between a medieval-themed Metaverse and a real-world Transylvania Park combining triple-A gaming experience, augmented reality, virtual reality, play-to-earn system, MMORPG immersive game, cryptocurrency, real estate investments and opportunities, the very first Vampirology Institute, revolutionary entertainment, nobility titles, memberships for life, citizenships in Kronia DAO, equal voting rights, and many more to come.

Kronia DAO will own and manage high-class real estate (Real Castles and Themed Parks), in the real world. Beside that, with our own game studio, we will create a replica of the real world estates, building our Medieval Themed Metaverse.

We are building our first Estate, from scratch, in Transylvania, as one of the most beautiful and impressive in the world – the Kronia Estate. Inside, we are also building the Vampirology Institute and the Transylvania Park. A great Medieval experience with fun activities revolving around popular themes as Dracula, Van Helsing, vampires, werewolves, witches and more. However, this is just the beginning as more real estates will join the Kronia DAO in the future. Become a member of our community, today!

Invest in Kronia, invest in you, invest in the future of Entertainment!

KRON cryptocurrency

Kronia token (KRON) is the official cryptocurrency created for Kronia DeFi system. Kronia Token has two main functions. Firstly, as we are a startup, KRON is related to crowdfunding aspect of the crypto industry. The money raised from IDO/IGO/Listing in exchanges will be invested 100% in the business plan presented in our Whitepaper. Secondly, KRON will be used for internal or external transactions but also as an investment opportunity. Buying KRON in early stages will also reward the people who believed in the project, in Kronia DAO and in Kronia Team. 

KRON is a BEP20 token with the following Contract Address: 


Kron cryptocurrency


Kronia Citizenship

Kronia citizenship (digital membership) is a digital certificate/asset, minted as an NFT. Being a “Citizen of Kronia”, you and your fellow citizens, will have equal voting rights for all the projects and investments of the Kronia DAO. More castles, more games, more play to earn events, our DAO community will vote and decide the future of Kronia.


Get Knighted!

Become a “Knight of Kronia” and receive a unique and personalized membership certificate, in PNG format. Certainly, that can be framed and bragged-about to your friends and family. As a Knight of Kronia, you will also get unlimited free entry to the Transylvania Park – Medieval experience (once finished). Kronia membership is the easiest way to become an official Knight. One deal, multiple perks.

Become a "LORD"

The noble title of “Lord/Lady of Kronia” will get you all the perks from the Knight package plus a few others. Get yourself the “Lord/Lady of Kronia” membership PNG certificate plus free entry to the real life Estate (once finished). In addition, you will get as well the “Kronia Citizenship” NFT. As a result, you are insuring your voting power and co-ownership of Kronia DAO assets. Purchase one for yourself or a loved one, now.

Count of Transylvania

This is a limited offer that only 3,000 people can take advantage of. Besides the perks from the Lord package, our Counts/Countesses will also receive a unique “Count/Countess of Transylvania” certificate. We added to the noble title 2 nights staying for free at the Kronia Castle (once finished). More perks will be announced soon.

Moreover, we are preparing a very exclusive 12-members-limited titles of “Duke of Kronia” – be on the lookout.


We are a multi-national team gathered from 3 different continents and over 7 countries. Moreover, we put together over 200 years of cumulative experience to achieve such an ambitious project. We all have the same goal in mind – the success and growth of Kronia. Our team is dedicating 101% of its resources and time to make the DAO strive. As former employees from Ubisoft, Google, Nexus, we are contributing with vast experience in different fields. To name a few: Gaming, Blockchain, Security, Payments, Real Estate, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Art Design, Virtual Design, 3D Design, etc. We’re starting with a Core Team of 20 members and advisors plus over 12 executives. However, we plan to expand the team every year, to reach our goals.