Kronia Metaverse Blue

Kronia Digital World

The Base of our digital world is the game series Bloodlines. First of the series is the MMORPG “Pure Blood”. The massive open world will serve also as our Medieval Metaverse, where our community will meet and participate in various online events. Kronia Realm will have its own financial instruments like crypto token Kronia (KRON) used for internal and external transactions but also as an investment instrument in Kronia Project.

Kronia Citizenship

Kronia Citizenship has been created with one goal in mind — Kronia DAO. Kronia DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is what the co-founders of Kronia aims for ultimately. An organization run by its citizens, where all decisions are put up to a vote, an equal vote to all citizens. Kronia Citizenship is limited to 123,000 members. Once this number is achieved, Kronia DAO will be created, as a legal entity based on joint-shares. On top of Citizenship for Kronia DAO, this deal will also get you Lord Title Membership at Kronia Castle in real life.

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