Digital World Kronia

The Base of our digital world is the game series Bloodlines. First of the series is the MMORPG “Pure Blood”. The massive open world will serve also as our Medieval Metaverse, where our community will meet and participate in various online events. Kronia Realm will have its own financial instruments like crypto token Kronia (KRON) used for internal and external transactions but also as an investment instrument in Kronia Project.

Invest in Kronia! Invest in you! Invest in the future of entertainment!



“Kronia Bloodlines – Pure Blood” is a MMORPG game, the first game that Kronia Studios will develop in-house. Set in a medieval world, with classes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, and many more. The primary focus that we will put in our triple-A game will go towards the world. We want to build an immersive and complex world where our users can feel like they belong. A world you want to live in and interact with. However, we will also focus on the player’s expectations. We want our players to be creative and enjoy complex quests and instances.


Kronia Netizenship has been created with one goal in mind – Kronia DAO. Kronia DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is what the co-founders of Kronia aims for ultimately. An organization run by its citizens, where all decisions are put up to a vote, an equal vote to all citizens. Kronia Netizenship is limited to 300,000 members. Once this number is achieved, Kronia DAO will be created, as a legal entity based on joint-shares. The decisions taken in Kronia DAO will be taken by an equal vote from all citizens, where 40% of decision power goes to cofounders and investors and the rest of 60% is divided between all the owners of Kronia Netizenship NFT.


We notice the futuristic trend in the industry, but we genuinely believe that Medieval is the way to go. We like raw steel, not the “pew-pew” sound of imagined guns. So, let’s make the best medieval world together!

We are building our Metaverse around the real-world estate. The open world is a hyper-realistic replica of our real life Kronia Estate. As a result, you can explore everything we have to offer in both the real world and the virtual world.

Kronia Metaverse aims to entertain and reward its players in a very generous play to earn system. Therefore, monthly events with unique legendary equipment drops and other perks will be held in-game.


KRON cryptocurrency

Kronia token (KRON) is the official cryptocurrency created for Kronia DeFi system. Kronia Token has two main functions. Firstly, as we are a startup, KRON is related to crowdfunding aspect of the crypto industry. The money raised from IDO/IGO/Listing in exchanges will be invested 100% in the business plan presented in our Whitepaper. Secondly, KRON will be used for internal or external transactions but also as an investment opportunity. Buying KRON in early stages will also reward the people who believed in the project, in Kronia DAO and in Kronia Team. 

KRON is a BEP20 token with the following Contract Address: