Kronia was the festival held in honour of the Titan Cronus, associated with free speech, freedom, revelry, equity, and fairness. A Golden Age feast promoting “one estate for the use of everyone”. This is our goal with Kronia.

Having its own token currency and decentralized finance, the organization aims to become one of the most important in the world without behaving as a corporation but as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), ruled by its own community.


In Transylvania, less than a hundred miles distance from Bran Castle (known as Dracula Castle), we will build one of the most beautiful real estates in the world – the Kronia Estate. You will find here all the Kronia real-world projects – International Vampirology Institute, Medieval experience park, Transylvania’s myths and history, and more. 

Transylvania is the best choice for such an impressive project as it touches all the requirements put forward. It’s a land full of history and stories but also a modern one, with one of the fastest internet speeds in the world and also, all the construction materials available for the medieval architecture.


Transylvania Park is a fun adventure holiday village, built inside the Transylvanian mountains where all the myths about Dracula and vampires originate from. While the Park will also touch the Dracula topic, it will also include many more attractions such as: The Vampirology Institute, The Van Helsing school of Hunting, The Van Helsing Museum, The Vlad the Impaler Museum, The Romanian History Museum, The Torture Museum, The Local Inn, The Haunted Church, The Mini Farms, The Horse Ridding and Stables, The Local Tavern, The Traditional Fair, The House of Horrors, The Maze, The Cave with bats, The Crypt, and many more all-year-around and seasonal attractions. And where to build our first “Transylvania Park” if not in Transylvania! A land full of history and stories but also a modern one, with fast speed internet and available construction materials. Entertainers dressed as Medieval Lords and Ladies will walk around the park, making its visitors part of an era where Vlad the Impaler and Van Helsing were the main characters of the story. In addition to these attractions, Transylvania Park also features a range of restaurants, shops, and other amenities, all designed to enhance visitors' experience of Transylvania's culture and history. Whether you're a fan of mythology, history, art, or fantasy, Transylvania Park offers a truly unforgettable experience that you won't find anywhere else in the world.


Inside the Kronia Estate from Transylvania, we are hosting the most important Vampirology Institute in the world. An institute that will enlighten about vampires, from myth to reality, understand their history and hear their origin story, feel their struggle and unsatiable thirst. Inside the institute we will educate people by offering them a large selection of themed books as well as displaying several vampire related exhibitions.

The institute will be part of a larger 2 stories Castle. On the 1st and 2nd floor we will offer rooms, where people can spend the night in. The hotel and the vampirology institute will welcome its guests from all over the world. The rooms will be decorated in a medieval style, with furniture and elements from a thousand years ago, meant to make the visitors feel like kings and lords of an era long gone.

Become an expert in Vampirology – it will help you survive in the Kronia Metaverse and might be useful even in the real world. Inside the institute we will educate people by offering them a large selection of themed books as well as displaying several vampire related exhibitions.


Become a Member of Kronia organization and receive a noble title with different perks in the Real World. Get your very limited-edition membership, ranging from Knight of Transylvania to Duke of Transylvania. The Kronia Team has created several titles with multiple perks, for our members to enjoy, and feel part of the Kronia family.

The Kronian Duke of Transylvania
The Kronian Lords of Transylvania
The Kronian Counts of Transylvania
The Kronian Knights of Transylvania

Get Knighted

Become a “Knight of Kronia” and receive a unique and personalized membership certificate, in PNG format. Certainly, that can be framed and bragged-about to your friends and family. As a Knight of Kronia, you will also get unlimited free entry to the Transylvania Park – Medieval experience (once finished). Kronia membership is the easiest way to become an official Knight. One deal, multiple perks.


Count of Transylvania

This is a limited offer that only 30,000 people can take advantage of. Our Counts/Countesses will receive a unique “Count/Countess of Transylvania” certificate, paired with the co-ownership of Kronia Estate and assets of Kronia DAO (the perks from the Lord package). More perks will be announced soon.


Lord of Kronia

The noble title of “Lord/Lady of Kronia” will get you all the perks from the Knight package plus a few others. Get yourself the “Lord/Lady of Kronia” membership PNG certificate plus free entry to the real life Estate (once finished). In addition, you will get as well the “Kronia Citizenship” NFT. As a result, you are insuring your voting power and co-ownership of Kronia DAO assets. Purchase one for yourself or a loved one, now.


Duke of Kronia

This deal will make you part of the most unique and distinctive group of Kronia. We are limiting this round table offer to 12 chairs, out of which 3 are occupied already, by the co-founders of the project themselves. The rest of 9 chairs are reserved for you. With this deal, we will make you a personalised oiled framed picture that will be part of the hotel’s exhibition, give you access to the only VIP room for a full month of your choice every year, and many more.