We are a multi-national team gathered from 3 different continents and over 7 countries. Moreover, we put together over 200 years of cumulative experience to achieve such an ambitious project. We all have the same goal in mind – the success and growth of Kronia. Our team is dedicating 101% of its resources and time to make the DAO strive. As former employees from Ubisoft, Google, Nexus, we are contributing with vast experience in different fields. To name a few: Gaming, Blockchain, Security, Payments, Real Estate, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Art Design, Virtual Design, 3D Design, etc. We’re starting with a Core Team of 20 members and advisors plus over 12 executives. However, we plan to expand the team every year, to reach our goals and KPIs.

Core Team

Marian Cocianu

Marian Cocianu

Ion Minca

Ion Minca


Svetlana Dashkevich



Rim Doukary

Affiliates Manager
knight logo design Kronia

Tania Zherekhova

Art Manager

Natasha Chernykh

Risk & Payments



Cristian Suvorov



Aidan Marquett



Mihai Croitoru

knight logo design Kronia

Lanfranco Cristallini


Yaroslav Tabaliuk

knight logo design Kronia

Petru Asan


Our mission

We aim to combine the Real World with the Virtual World in the Next Generation of Entertainment

Kronia is a 2 verticals project. The first one, in the real world – we will own multiple theme parks and castles, the first one being in Transylvania (Romania). It’s a vampire-medieval-themed estate, including a one of a kind Vampirology Institute. The second vertical, in the virtual world – we are creating the Kronia Metaverse. The Metaverse will be composed of “Kronia Bloodlines – Pure Blood” triple A game, created using the in-house Kronia gaming studio. The game has the Kronia real life estate at its core.

Besides the 2 verticals, Kronia will also offer nobility titles as memberships, its own cryptocurrency called Kronia (KRON), netizenship NFTs in Kronia DAO with equal voting rights utility, real estate co-ownership, and many more.

In short, we aim to be first that really combine the Real World with the  Metaverse.

In the “Real World”, we are building a whole Estate, including the very first “International Vampirology Institute”. An exquisite Royal Garden surrounding the castle, and a unique medieval and vampire themed fun Park.

In the Virtual World aka, the Metaverse, we are building the newest and most immersive triple-A game series online, all inspired by the Kronia Estate from the Real World. We are taking all the land and buildings from the Real World and replicating them in our Metaverse.

Yes, it is ambitious, and that’s how we like it!

A Medieval Park indeed. We are building a unique, one-of-a-kind, medieval and vampire themed Park in Transylvania.

Besides the Kronia Castle and the Vampirology Institute, our visitors can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing day in our Transylvania Park that hosts numerous attractions such as playgrounds for the little adventurers, a petting zoo, the local inn, the local church, the local tavern, and many more medieval era based buildings.

Moreover, inside the park, you can also find mythical and scary related attractions such as the Dracula Museum, the Van Helsing school of hunting, the Van Helsing Museum, the Vlad the Impaler Museum, the Torture Museum, the House of Horrors, the Cave with bats, the Crypt, and more.

We want to offer our visitors a unique Medieval experience in and out, from the moment they enter the Estate gates till the moment they leave.

And yes, we are building this Estate close to the Transylvanian village where Vlad the Impaler, and even Dracula’s stories, originate from. 

Real Life project is relatively easy to explain, right? It’s a Castle, Vampirology Institute, Gardens, Medieval park – but what about Metaverse? What’s that?

It’s pretty simple. Remember those games we were playing as kids; you had a PC, your friends had a PC, and you were connecting them with long LAN cables to throw a LAN Party. Then you were booting StarCraft, Age of Empires, Heroes 3, CS 1.6, and you were either playing multiplayer co-op mode or competing against each other. That’s the Metaverse in simple worlds.

Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2021 that his company is now called Meta and that he wants to create this unified, interconnected universe, so … put one and two together, and you have your Metaverse. It’s a virtual world that allows its users to interconnect using the latest technologies. Nowadays, games are developed either for consoles or PC or mobile or VR or AR; the Metaverse takes them all and combines them into this universe. It also includes the latest trends such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, 3D avatars, digital assets, and many more. It’s the ultimate multiplayer online experience.

So, what are we doing in the Metaverse? We are taking the Real-world Estate, with everything inside its walls, and porting it inside the Virtual world. Everything you find in the real world you will find in our Metaverse too. We are building, inside our Metaverse, a replica of the Real-world Citadel, where you can walk around, play, meet friends, explore, level up, farm, grind items, and many more.

Inside our Metaverse, we are building an MMORPG game, using the Unreal Engine platform.

Our first game, “Pure Blood”, will allow its players to create a character, choose from different classes, customize it as they please, and join a world where thousands of other players will be part of this huge immersive world.

Play in engaging quests, level up your characters, mine and craft your equipment, join clans and create raids to defeat ultimate champions, the possibilities are endless.

Our game will allow its players to own land, buy properties, customize the interior of their house as they desire, from different types of furniture pieces and rooms to their shape and color. It’s really you that is creating the world of your dreams.

Play alone or with friends in our PVE world or take your character and defeat mighty opponents in our PVP arena, it’s the ultimate game to play and have fun.

Don’t worry about servers either. We are using the best internet company in the country which allows our servers to host thousands of players at a time so forget about hours of queuing to join a server or crashes, our game will be top-notch.

“Few are building castles, others are doing Metaverses, you’re not re-inventing the wheel”. No, we’re not, but we are making it better. How?

First, we don’t just aim for one project – Metaverse OR Real World. We do them both. If you are a fan of the online trends such as NFTs, DAO, Metaverse, or you just love visiting new and exciting places, having fun, spending the night in a real certified Castle, and living like a Medieval King for a few days, we cover everything with our project.

Second, we have the only Medieval Themed Park with a focus on vampires and witches, in Europe. Most people, when they take a vacation and go to a new place, are visiting museums, attraction parks, castles, caves, etc. We have a unique attraction, a unique Medieval Park that can be found in Transylvania.

Third, speaking of the Metaverse, we looked around and did our competitive analysis and we just couldn’t find a proper MMORPG game done in Medieval times. We are taking inspiration from games such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online, New World, Lost Ark, and creating a unique MMORPG with a beautiful world and story.

Fourth, we are rewarding our members with Nobility Titles such as Lord of Kronia or Counts/Countesses of Transylvania which comes with a lot of perks. Becoming a Knight was never easier.

Fifth, we aim to become a real DAO. After enough people will become citizens of Kronia, we will make the organization a DAO meaning that 60% of decision power and income will be the community’s responsibility. All future projects will be decided not by us but by our community.

In the real world, once the Kronia Estate is complete, you can visit everything. Nothing is off-limits. Moreover, if you are a Lord of Kronia or higher (aka a member), you have free entry to everything we offer in real life. Visit the Castle, visit the Gardens, visit Transylvania Park. All these are free, for life, for our members.

Another great benefit, online, is the KRON Cryptocurrency. The token will be released officially on the 12th of September. We list the coin on exchange platforms such as Pancakeswap, Kucoin,, etc. so you can buy and sell as you like.

We are sure that most of you are familiar with crowdfunding projects such as Kickstarter, where you are presented with a product and you invest in it, on the promise to get said product once it’s released. It’s the same here. You don’t buy a digital code for the real money. You get an investment opportunity. 

We consider all buyers of slots in presale and IDO as our investors as that’s what makes the project grow and strive. And you are growing with the project. Invest in something that can skyrocket. Think of our project as THE Metaverse, the place where everybody wants to come, play, gather, buy land, own a piece of it. And you are one of the investors. It’s a great project to buy-in early.

Yes, of course. We’re simple people with families. We want to sleep well at night, knowing that everything we do, we do it legally and fairly. We want to grow with you, with our community, together. We are all sharing the same vision. We are here for the long run.

Our aim is not to raise a few million and run away with it. We want to be happy, we want Kronia DAO to be successful. We want for all of us, community, founders, key people in the team, advisors,  investors, players, all involved in Kronia, to have a good time, to believe in the project, and to grow.

We have a good project; we know what needs to be done in both the Real-world and the Virtual world. We have some of the most creative and brilliant people on board, as part of the team. Invest and relax – let us do all the work. We’ll run for permits, we’ll hire architects, lawyers, designers, 3D artists, and so on, while you enjoy the life of an investor and watch your investment be profitable.

Our partners

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